Metafacture Documentation

Metafacture is a toolkit for processing semi-structured data with a focus on library metadata. It provides a versatile set of tools for reading, writing and transforming data. Metafacture can be used as a stand-alone application via CLI or as a Java library in other applications. There is also a playground where you can test workflows.

Have a look here for a quick intro into metafacture.

This is the central place for the documentation about Metafacture.

Metafacture comprises three main parts: Framework, Flux and one of the Transformation-Modules Fix and Morph. It can be extended with modules.

With regard to the Transformation-Modules this documentation focusses on Fix instead of MORPH. If you want to find out more about MORPH. Have a look at the old documentation and the german cookbook by Swissbib.

Our goal with this repo is to collaboratively create comprehensive documentation on Metafacture in the issue tracker. Feel free to open issues not only for bugs or enhancements, but also questions about Metafacture usage, or to share your experiences. We hope that over time, in that way we can create useful tutorials, how-tos, and collect good practices for using Metafacture.

Deciding which parts are relevant to you depends on the way you are using Metafacture:

Using Metafacture via playground or CLI

No Java-Code is necessary!!!

While working with the playground or the command line you only need Flux and the transformation module Fix. Have a look here for Getting started.

Framework for Java integration/development

If you plan to use Metafacture as a Java library or if you wish to add commands to Flux. You should get familar with the Framework.